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High Performance Software Solutions built for Algo Traders

Our solution

Our solutions

"Discover Our Trading Platform: Empowering Traders with Fast, Reliable, and Scalable Connectivity"

Experience the difference with our trading platform. We are dedicated to providing a trading solution that offers fast, reliable, and scalable connectivity. Our goal is to enhance your trading experience and help you seize market opportunities. With our robust and efficient execution, you can execute trades with confidence and efficiency. Benefit from our comprehensive post-trade analytics, providing valuable insights to refine your trading strategy. Our pricing and risk management tools are designed to empower you with control and flexibility in your trades. Discover a trading platform that prioritizes your success. Join us today and unlock your trading potential.

Market connectivity

Unlock seamless market connectivity with our extensive experience in building robust systems that support industry-leading market data protocols such as FIX, ITCH, and UTP. Leveraging our expertise in network transmission protocols like TCP and UDP, we ensure efficient and reliable data transmission, empowering you with real-time market insights and a competitive edge in your trading operations.

Pricing & Risk management

Experience resilient pricing in challenging liquidity conditions and market volatility, coupled with a comprehensive risk management system that effectively captures and explains PnL variance.

Trade execution

Experience enhanced trade execution with our high-speed, low-latency system. Benefit from minimized slippage and adverse selection through optimized quoting and hitting logic. Discover a new level of trading efficiency with us.

Post trade analytics

Unlock valuable insights into your trading performance with our extensive post-trade analytics. Discover weaknesses in your strategy efficiently, enabling you to refine and optimize your approach for enhanced trading success

Who we are

Who we are

Our team

With a wealth of industry expertise spanning decades, our team comprises seasoned professionals specializing in low latency trading.


Our team brings extensive experience from leading global exchanges such as CME, Eurex, Euronext, as well as prominent crypto exchanges like Binance and Deribit, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse trading environments.

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Website disclaimer

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